The KANONIKA series of publications

Ever since it was founded in 1918 the Faculty of Canon Law of the Pontifical Oriental Institute (PIO) has specialized in the study of the Canon Law of the Eastern Churches and it is the only university faculty in the world which teaches the CCEO (Codex Canonum Ecclesiarum Orientalium – Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches). Father Ivan Žužek S.J., Father George Nedungatt S.J. and Carl Gerold Fürst, all of whom are professors of the PIO, have greatly contributed to the planning and organization of the faculty.
This website is dedicated to publicising and disseminating the “Kanonika” publications, and it is thus the continuation of a venerable tradition of reflection and study. In fact this series of volumes, principally devoted to the study of the Canon Law of the Eastern Churches (both Catholic and Orthodox), was established by the Faculty of Canon Law in 1992. It was edited and supervised by George P. Nedungatt S.J. for twenty years, until March 19th 2012.
“Kanonika” includes works of various kinds, including commentaries on the CCEO, comparative studies between the CCEO and the CIC, critical editions of sources, monographs and the proceedings of various seminars and conferences. Starting from April, 2014, with the publication of “Kanonika 20”, the series has been given a new logo and a different format for the printed version on paper, thanks to the collaboration between Edizioni Orientalia Christiana and the co-publisher Valore Italiano srl.
The new version of “Kanonika” is open to the many important opportunities offered by digital publishing (E-books Kindle Amazon), and starting from volume 20 the publications of the series will always be released in both versions. The role and the function of this website is to establish a relationship and reflection between us and its users that will encourage and facilitate processes of cultural mediation, as well as the creation and sharing of knowledge, especially as regards the various issues dealt with and discussed by the site and the specific needs of its users.

The chief editor of KANONIKA
Since the 19th of March 2012 Fr. Georges Ruyssen SJ has been working as the editor of Kanonika. A Jesuit, born in 1967 in Deinze (Belgium), he teaches canon law at the Pontifical Oriental Institute (Rome) and the Centre Sèvres, Facultés Jésuites (Paris). Info:


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