KANONIKA 10. Second Revised Edition, 2020. A GUIDE TO THE EASTERN CODE. A Commentary on the Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches.



Author: George Nedungatti, S.I. (2002), Georges-Henri Ruyssen, S.I. (2020)
Publisher: Orientalia Christiana & Valore Italiano, 2020

Language: english
ISBN 978-88-97789-74-1 – PP. 1186

Since its publication in 2002, now more than 18 years ago, A Guide to the Eastern Code – A Commentary on the Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches, edited by Fr. George Nedungatt, S.J., has been widely sold so as to have become the absolute best-seller of the series Kanonika published since 1992 by the Canon Law Faculty of the Pontifical Oriental Institute, Rome. This second revised edition does not do away with the excellent commentaries contained in the first edition, all written by outstanding specialists of CCEO, most of whom, as Consultors of PCCICOR, were present at its inception and watched over its initial application. However, this volume is not a simple reprint of the original edition but an updated version integrating the latest changes to CCEO enacted by the Supreme Legislator and the ongoing praxis of the Roman Dicasteries since 2002. It also extends the original bibliography at the end of each Title.
With this new edition we hope that this updated commentary on CCEO will continue to correspond, indeed, to what it intends to be, namely, a Guide aimed at assisting not only the Eastern Catholic Churches in their daily life and mission, but also the Latin Church to whose pastoral care Eastern faithful, increasingly present in traditional Latin territories due to massive migration, are entrusted.

Georges RUYSSEN, S.J., Rome, October 14, 2020.

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